Cyprus Tax-Free Application

1. What is the Cyprus Tax-Free application?

  • It is the general name of the VAT refund system. It is the fact that tourists can get their VAT back after the goods are cleared from customs.

2. Who can benefit?

  • All foreign nationals who do not have a residence and work permit in the TRNC can benefit.
    However, if this document is not with the passenger, the vendors will issue the invoices according to the passenger's declaration, and then the missing information will be checked by the Customs officials at the exit and the deficiencies can be filled. Invoices issued on behalf of persons other than those specified in Article 3 of this regulation are not approved by the customs authorities.
    For this, the customer has to present a passport or ID and proof of entry into the country.
  • In order to benefit from VAT refund, the purchased goods must be taken abroad within 3 months.
  • For students and teachers studying in the TRNC, this period is 6 months.

3. How is it applied?

  • Before the customer completes his purchase, he states that he wants a tax-free invoice
  • The tax-free invoice is filled completely on the back/front as in ANNEX-1.
  • The first 3 copies of the tax-free invoice, which are 4 copies, are given to the customer. When the customer goes abroad, he shows the product he bought to the customs and has the invoice approved by the customs personnel.
  • The VAT amount paid within 1-3 months is refunded to the accounts of customers leaving the TRNC.

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